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Go natural on your big day

Here are our essential nail care tips for gorgeous natural nails on your big day

  • Have a manicure four weeks prior to your wedding day.  This will kick start your nail care routine and gives you a chance work out what shape works best and try some colours (French manicures are still really popular with brides)
  • Once your nails are manicured don’t let them grow too long, nothing is worse than a broken nail right before your wedding day.  Just file them a little bit every few days to maintain a neat, natural shape
  • Look after your cuticles – use cuticle oil or balm religiously. Not only does this keep your cuticles supple and moisturised it keeps pesky hangnails at bay
  • If your nails are prone to breaking or brittle apply a good nail hardener every couple of days
  • Don’t use your nails as tools. Concentrate on using the pads of your fingertips when you reach, grab, hold and type. Remember, girls don’t open cans – that’s why boys were invented!
  • Book in for your manicure the day before your wedding.  This will mean your nails are looking shiny and fresh for the day.