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Make my manicure last longer

We are often asked by clients how to keep our natural nails looking fabulous between manicures. Just follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll have gorgeous nails for longer.

1. Use top coat to make your polish last longer.

Apply clear top coat the day after your manicure and every second day after that. This will not only make your mani last longer but keeps your nails looking shiny and new. Make sure your top coat is fresh and remember to give 30 mins to dry. Between meetings is ideal.

2. Look after your cuticles

Use cuticle oil or balm religiously. Not only does this keep your cuticles supple and moisturised it keeps pesky hangnails at bay.

3. Protect your tips

Make sure you wear gloves when washing dishes, gardening or using household cleaning products. Immersing your hands in water for too long can cause polish to peel and lift. So make sure Carlos does all the pool cleaning.

4. Don’t use your fingernails as tools

Concentrate on using the pads of your fingertips when you reach, grab, hold and type. Remember, girls don’t open cans – that’s why boys were invented.

5. Keep your nail file handy

Tragically, accidents do happen so make sure you minimise the damage by filing down broken nails as soon as possible. Preferably not while at reception.